Thank you for visiting my new Internet site, my name is Oral Howes.  The purpose of this site is to give you the opportunity to sample the songs on my upcoming cd entitled All Dressed Up - with no place to go. My musical influences cover genres including Gospel, Jazz, Calypso, Folk and Country with the strongest influences coming from the hymns, choruses and performances that were our tools for worship when I was a young boy growing up on the island of Montserrat.

At present our web site is still under construction, and we are making an effort to provide you with the opportunity to stay in touch and provide feedback. There will be more information added later, thanks for your patience.

In the meantime you can reach me at o.howes@verizon.net, or by telephone 857 654-5790. When you contact me I will provide additional options for staying in touch.

In the meantime here's some information about my music background. My first interest in music began in Wapping Pentecostal Church in Plymouth, Montserrat. From watching my father strum that old accoustic guitar and later on listening to the melodious harmonies of my sisters - the Howes Sisters, who performed around the Caribbean in churches, youth conventions and other events. I started playing the guitar and piano at church before I was 10 years old and wrote my first song in that time frame. I have gone back to writing Gospel songs using different styles, influenced by Stevie Wonder and Andrae Crouch among others. Jack Holcomb was also an old favorite, and of course many of the great Jazz and Gospel singers. Songs come to me at the end of dreams, early in the morning or doodling at work.  I hope you find some of them uplifting and encouraging .